• Unlocking value for the brightest decentralized ideas
NORÍS is a consulting firm that specializes in distributed ledger technology and focuses across the industry verticals that will benefit most from turning old enterprise hurdles on their heads.
With backgrounds in traditional fields like management consulting and engineering, we bring discipline to generally young teams in the nascent cryptoassets industry. From proofs of concept to deployment, we help catalyze our teams’ distributed ledger networks and decentralized applications.
Growth strategy
We ensure that the teams we invest in have the capital and talent they need to reach their project milestones quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.
We connect our teams in any way they need including security auditing, high-level developer attraction, internal research execution, and marketing and PR.
Our selected investments receive our utmost support in gathering the best personnel and resources to turn their brilliant ideas into distributed ledger realities.

Business development
We recognize the importance of bridging the geographical gaps across cryptoasset markets given the industry’s democratized and decentralized global ideals. Therefore, Norís develops strategic partnerships to accelerate the growth of our teams and to expand their product applications and adoption worldwide.